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My name is Cyndy Solon Pryor of Troutdale, Oregon.  My mother, Bette Ina Brown, is putting together this website and I am assisting her in getting it published.  To learn more about why my mother is interested in the Augusta Cemetery, read "About Bette I. Brown".

The goal of this website is to list the people buried in the Augusta Cemetery, and to bring “life” to their memories by including information, photographs, documents and recollections concerning each person. It is a huge task that will take some time to accomplish, but my mother is determined.

If you have information, photographs, documents, or recollections on one or more of the "Residents" in this cemetery, we would love to include those on this website.  Feel free to write us at:

Augusta Cemetery
PO Box 46
Augusta, OH 44607-0046

If you want to e-mail us, Bette’s e-mail address is bettebrown36@gmail.com and my e-mail address is cyndysolon@comcast.net.

High-Priority will be given to any information or photographs you submit. That information will be moved to the "front of the line" so it can be included on this website as soon as possible.

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As a starting point for this website we used information from a book published by the Carroll County Genealogical Society titled, "Carroll County Ohio Cemeteries, Carroll County 1802-1990."  The cemetery is divided into five sections labeled "A", "B", "C", "D" and "E".  The original cemetery contains Sections A, B, and C, while the Crawford Addition contains Sections D and E.  Members of the Genealogical Society went through each section, numbered each row, and then numbered the tombstones located in each row.

Since this book was published in 1990 there have been many burials in the original cemetery and in the Crawford Addition. We are currently working to add these recent burials to the Resident list.

We also have a copy of the cemetery burial records (which unfortunately is not complete).  We are comparing the cemetery’s records with the stones recorded by the Carroll County Genealogical Society.  There are many burials recorded in the cemetery records in which no tombstone exists.  We will attempt to add the names of those persons buried in unmarked graves.  We do not, however, know where many of these individuals are buried. 

The original cemetery is not plotted with any numbering system for lots. However, the Crawford Addition, opened in the late 1960’s, is mapped into Quadrants and Lot numbers.  We have prepared maps for Section D and Section E using the lot numbers assigned; these maps can be found under the "Maps" link.

In order to incorporate unmarked burials, burials since 1990, and the mapping system for the Crawford Addition, we have created our own "location system." 
We are incorporating our system with the location system mapped out by the Carroll County Genealogical Society, therefore, both systems are listed on the website.  Because of this, some "Residents" might have two location listings.

Examples of why you might see two locations listed:

  1. In the original cemetery, the Genealogical Society might have found 7 tombstones in a particular row and those are numbered 1 through 7.  However, since 1990 there could have been one or more burials within a row causing those rows to be renumbered.  Another reason might be we have found unmarked burials in the cemetery records and have made assumptions as to which rows "Residents" might be located.
  2. Because we are using the Quadrant mapping system for Sections D and E in the Crawford Addition, any "Resident" of Section D listed in the Carroll County Genealogical Society book will have two location listings.

As more information is added to this website, the location of  "Residents" may change as we work to figure out the "mapping" of this cemetery.
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Most photographs you see on this site can be enlarged to their full-size by simply placing your mouse cursor inside the picture, and doing a normal click.

Because this site is continually changing, you will want to check out the "Latest Updates" link to see what information has been added or changed since your last visit.  You might need to REFRESH a page to see any updates.  I have attempted to force your browser to refresh automatically, but since I am new to "website publishing," I am not sure it always works.  So if you think there should be an update, but do not see it, REFRESH the page.  If you have any helpful tips or suggestions on how we can improve this website, they would be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in seeing what information we are including on "Residents," visit the page of Mollie Culp Grimes where you can see a picture of this beautiful young woman and read her heart-wrenching obituary.  It is obvious she was a remarkable young woman who was loved by thousands.  Or check out an excerpt from a book entitled, A History of Montana, where it touches on the life of Henry Wathey.

On Mary Louise Kinsey Turnipseed's page you can read why "Carroll adores nosy Mary."  On William McGranahan, Jr.'s page you will find a copy of his death certificate, and on Jehue Manfull's page you will find a copy of census records in addition to a picture and newspaper article.  Also be sure to check out Paul E. Brown’s page where you can read the Recollections he wrote about many of the "Residents".

All this information helps to bring "life" to the memories of these people.  If you explore the website you will run across many interesting pictures and stories similar to those pointed out above.  We still have a lot of information yet to get posted so be sure to check back regularly for the Latest Updates.  Since we are actively looking to include any memories (recollections you might have, photographs, obituaries, funeral cards, or anything else) regarding "Residents" buried in the Augusta Cemetery, please feel free to contact us and pass along anything you would like to see posted on this website.

On each person's page there are links to other family members  buried in the Augusta Cemetery. 
Note: The links to family members only include those buried in the Augusta Cemetery. You might find a "Resident" who has 5 children, but only 3 are listed on their page. The reason might be that not all the children are deceased, or it could be that only 3 of the children are buried in this cemetery.  For more information on family members not buried in the Augusta Cemetery, see the "Information for Genealogists" section below.

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Bette and Pat McArtor are busy compiling information on the ancestors and descendants of "Cemetery Residents".   We are using a program called PhpGedView to post this information.  With this program you can view all the information we have gathered on a particular person and download it to your computer for use in your own genealogy program.  This is another enormous project so be sure to keep checking back for the most recent updates since new information is continually being added to the
PhpGedView program. 

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This cemetery is in desperate need of your support whether it is through financial donations or volunteer labor. During the summer of 2005 portions of the north and south boundaries of the old cemetery were cleared.  Heavy brush, sumac and locust trees were overtaking both areas.  There were gravesites lost in these areas.  Tree stumps and their roots were uprooting tombstones.  Many tombstones are in need of repair, and many are sinking or have sunk out of sight.

The only expenditures for 2005 were to mow the grass and dump the trash two times.  The income from Augusta Cemetery investments is not sufficient to even cover this expense.  We welcome--and yes, “beg” for--your support.

Please send any monetary donations to:

Augusta Cemetery
PO Box 46
Augusta, OH 44607-0046

If you would like to volunteer to help clear brush or trees, clean up gravesites, or repair tombstones, visit the Work List link to see what work needs to be done.  We are just beginning to compile this list, so by no means does it include anywhere near all the work needing to be done.  For more information e-mail Bette at bettebrown36@gmail.com or fill out the form on the "Contact Us" link.

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If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, and/or information to help us create a better and more useful website, please contact us. We are continually working to add information so don’t forget to REFRESH!

Cyndy Solon Pryor

Updated Monday, February 5, 2007


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