Moneta Leiper Asher (1924-1986)

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ASHER, Moneta Leiper
b Jan. 31, 1924; d Apr. 24, 1986

Carroll County Ohio Cemeteries, Carroll County 1802-1990, Page 19
Carroll County Genealogical Society Book

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Daughter of:
Samuel H. Leiper
Lucretia B. Bashaw Leiper

Granddaughter of:
William A. Leiper

Granddaughter of:
Leon H. Bashaw

Great-Granddaughter of:
Alexander Cunningham
Isabelle Cox Cunningham

2nd Great-Granddaughter of:
Suttan Cunningham
Mary Magdalena Harsh Cunningham

Niece of:
Leona Elizabeth Leiper Brice
Laura Margaret Leiper Moncrief

Grandniece of:
Seymour Cunningham

1st Cousin Once Removed of:
Chester S. Cunningham
Edgar J. Cunningham
Lester H. Cunningham

1st Cousin Twice Removed of:
Benjamin K. Cunningham
Eliza Jane Kennedy George

Mary Ellen Kennedy Brannan

2nd Cousin Once Removed of:
Ollie Mae Cox Hawkins Nicholls Hamilton
Elbertine Cox Cogan
Nellie Brannan Ray
Cohen J. Manfull
Leona Manfull McGhee
Wilbur Homer Manfull
Nellie A. Manfull Iden


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