Recollections by Paul E. Brown

Augusta Cemetery, Augusta, Carroll County, Ohio

(Written in 1995)

When Bette sent the three cemetery books to me she had a note thereon something of this nature: "Now let's get into this..."  I didn't know, for certain, whether she was telling me that I should die and get into the cemetery as I had lived too long as it was or whether she was telling me that I should go through the names and write something about each.

Since I think it is best for me to write, instead of using my space in Augusta Cemetery, here are brief statements, as I remember, or think I remember, the people whom I know and are now residents of Augusta Cemetery.  The statements have not been checked - they are only what I recall of the different individuals.

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Baughman, Jesse F.

Baughman, Myrna A. Leatherberry

Brown, Edith May Erb

Brown, Harley Loyal

Brown, Harry Joseph

Brown, Ina Geneva McGranahan

Brown, L. Marie Leatherberry

Brown, Wayland M. "Buster"

Cook, George Elgie

Crawford, William M.

Johnson, Lila

Kinsey, Emma Cleo Hiner

Kinsey, Thomas James Campbell

Lafferty, Margaret

Leatherberry, George M.

Leatherberry, Josephine Whiteleather

Leiper, Samuel

Long, Minnie M. Brannan

Long, Orville N.

Manfull, Adaline Norris

Manfull, Eli

Manfull, Emmett LeMoine

Manfull, Royal G.

McGranahan, Diana Turnipseed

McGranahan, Henry J.

McGranahan, Mary J. Stitt

Miller, Nora Leatherberry

Miller, Pearl

Sheckler, Ralph H.

Sheckler, Jessie B.

Thompson, Addison D.

Thompson, Ollie E. Manfull


In closing these remarks my fingers are becoming clumsy and ineffective in finding the right keys on this computer.  I strike a "d" for a "c" time and again. And it is all because I have lived too long and remember too many people who now lie in the Augusta Cemetery.

While it was nice to recall something about so many friends who are no more, you should be reminded that this account was written rapidly, entirely from memory, which at times is extremely faulty.  I hope you understand this as you read, if you do read, these remarks.

It is wonderful to remember so many good people.

Paul E. Brown


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