Ollie Jennett Pottorf Dumbleton (1869-1930)

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DUMBLETON, Ollie J.   1870-1930 

Carroll County Ohio Cemeteries, Carroll County 1802-1990, Page 32
Carroll County Genealogical Society Book

Born January 29, 1869 -- Buried September 25, 1930

Even though the tombstone shows Ollie was born in 1870, Carroll County, Ohio birth records show her birth date to be January 29, 1869.  This is corroborated by the June 1, 1870 census records showing her to be one year old.

Daughter of:
Andrew B. Pottorf
Mary E. Terrill Pottorf

Niece of:
Emma L. Pottorf Manfull
Jacob H. Pottorf
Lydia Ann Pottorf Cox
Martha J. Pottorf Pettit

1st Cousin of:
Kenneth O. Manfull
Royal G. Manfull
Paul J. Manfull
Nova L. Manfull Nixon
Mary Elizabeth Cox Manfull
Nettie M. Pottorf Roach
Bertie J. Manfull
Mary Elva Manfull
Infant Son Manfull
Charles H. Pettit
Laura Pettit Permar

1st Cousin Once Removed of:
Jack A. Roach


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