Mary Florence Mills Figley (1884-1971)

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FIGLEY, Mary Florence   1884-1971

Carroll County Ohio Cemeteries, Carroll County 1802-1990, Page 38
Carroll County Genealogical Society Book

Born October 26, 1884  --  Died May 28, 1971

Mary's Page in PhpGedView

Wife of:
Robert Joseph Figley

Daughter of:
James Harvey Shane Mills
Sarah Elizabeth Thompson Mills

Sister of:
Andrew J. Mills
Perry Mills

Niece of:
Ithamer Mills

Aunt of:
Dorothy Jane Mills Simmons
Helen Mills Senior

Grandaunt of:
Edward P. Senior

1st Cousin of:
James Wilbert Mills
Addison D. Thompson

1st Cousin Once Removed of:
Frank F. Mills
Harry H. Mills
Elvin Andrew Mills
Doris E. Thompson Mills

1st Cousin Twice Removed of:
Rex E. Mills
Gerald Russell "Jerry" Mills

1st Cousin 3 Times Removed of:
Michael Frederick Wilson
Gerald Russell "Jerry" Mills


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