Roy G. Long (1906-1976)

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LONG, Roy G.  1906-1976

Carroll County Ohio Cemeteries, Carroll County 1802-1990, Page 39
Carroll County Genealogical Society Book

Born September 23, 1906 -- Died November 11, 1976

Roy's Page in PhpGedView

Husband of:
Alda Spaulding Long

Husband of:
Louise H. Long

Son of:
Mahlon E. Long
Laura B. Long Erb

Nephew of:
Luella Frances "Ella" Long Laferty
Emerson Long

Great-Grandson of:
Martin Long
Elizabeth Harsh Long

Great-Grandson of:
Mahlon Heston

2nd Great-Grandson of:
Simon Sheckler
Lydia Frantz Sheckler

Grandnephew of:
Barbara Jane Long Grimes Heston
Amos Long
Hannah Long Lafferty
Samantha Long Kennedy Shaw

Half Grandnephew of:
John Heston
Jesse Atwood Heston
Elizabeth Heston Kelley

Great-Grandnephew of:
Clarinda Heston Grimes
Mary Jane Heston Davis
Jasintha Heston Ball
Amy Heston Norris
George Sheckler
Daniel Sheckler
William K. Sheckler

Half Great-Grandnephew of:
Samuel Heston
Elisabeth Elinore "Ellen" Heston Hardgrove

1st Cousin of:
Walter T. Long

1st Cousin Once Removed of:
John Heston
Jesse Atwood Heston
George Martin Grimes
Elizabeth Heston Kelley
Stanton Long
Verna M. Long Noling
Jesse Wayne Long
Joseph Franklin Grimes

Half 1st Cousin Once Removed of:
Russell M. Heston
Roy C. Heston

Half 1st Cousin Twice Removed of:
Eva D. Hardgrove Simpson

2nd Cousin:
Russell M. Heston
Roy C. Heston
Lawrence A. Noling
Henrietta Grimes Bettis Barrick
Mary J. Davis
James H. Davis
Adaline Jacyntha Norris Manfull
William A. Sheckler
Thomas H. Sheckler
James M. Sheckler
Sarah A. "Hattie" Sheckler Betz
Nancy Margaret Sheckler Stackhouse
Donald D. Long

2nd Cousin Once Removed of:
William David Sheckler
Vinnie E. Betz Adams
Aplauda J. Sheckler Kelley
Orrin J. Manfull
Harry Benjamin Manfull
Thomas C. Manfull
Ollie Etura Manfull Thompson
Lloyd J. Manfull
James T. Permar

3rd Cousin of:
Doris E. Thompson Mills

3rd Cousin Once Removed of:
Gerald Russell "Jerry" Mills


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