George Manfull (1783-1867) Last Will and Testament

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Copied from the original located in the Carroll County Genealogical Society files, Carrollton, Ohio.

The following was transcribed by Bette Ina Brown.


In the name of the benevolent Father of all, I George Manfull of Augusta, Carroll County, Ohio, do make and publish this my last will and testimony.

ITEM 1:  It is my will that all my just debts be paid.


To my son,
William Manfull, One Dollare;

To my son,
James Manfull, One Dollare;

To my daughter,
Elizabeth Watson, One Dollare;

To my daughter,
Ann Keneda, One Dollare.

ITEM 3:  The remainder of my estate wheth of notes, duebills, money or other evidence of indebtedness, I give and bequeath to my son, Jehu Manfull.

I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made.

In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this twentieth day of July, AD 1866.

Signed:  George Manfull   (Seal)

Witnessed by:
Jonathan Milbourn
William Manfull


Subscribing Witness Testimony
Will of George Manfull


The State of Ohio       )
                                    ) ss.
Carroll County            )

             Personally appeared in open Court Jonathan Milbourne and William Manfull, subscribing witnesses to the last will and testament of George Manfull, late of said  county, deceased, who, being duly sworn according to law, depose and say that the foregoing is the last will and testament of said George Manfull, deceased, that they subscribed their names thereto as the attesting witnesses at the request of the said testator and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, and that he signed the same in their presence, and acknowledged the same to be his last will and testament; that said testator, at the time of executing the same was of full age, sound mind and memory and not under any restraint.

Signed by:
Jonathan Milbourn
William Manfull

Sworn to and subscribed
before me this 16th day of March, AD 1867.

W. McCoy, Probate Judge


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