Mary Rowley Manfull (1824-1914) News Article

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The following was transcribed by Bette Ina Brown.


Alliance Daily Review
March 29, 1911

Here is a group representing five generations in one of the oldest and most prominent families of Augusta, that of the Manfull, the chain being recently broken by the death of Jehu Manfull, the pioneer branch of the family tree.  Mr. Manfull’s face is easily recognized in the picture.  The photograph was taken about four weeks before Mr. Manfull’s death.

The persons appearing in the picture are Mr. and Mrs. Jehu Manfull, their eldest son, Mortimer, their grandson, Edwin Manfull, great granddaughter, Mrs. Verna Roach, and great great granddaughter, Opal.

Jehu Manfull, as Review readers will recall, died March 20th, at the age of 87 years, 10 months and 15 days, funeral services being conducted the following Wednesday by Rev. Spooner, the pastor of the Church of Christ, of which denomination the deceased had for many years been a member.  Rev. Spooner was assisted by Rev. Ritchie, pastor of the Presbyterian church.  The Masonic fraternity, of which he was also a member, joined in the paying of final tribute to the memory of the deceased.

John Manfull, the last of his parental family, was born and lived on the farm south of Augusta, now owned and occupied by Homer Manfull, until manhood.  His father, George Manfull, came from England and settled there, raising a family of thirteen children, of which Jehu was the youngest.  At the age of 21 he was married to Miss Mary Rowley, a daughter of William Rowley , they beginning housekeeping in the residence in the central part of Augusta, which until now, 67 years in all, has ever been the home. Seven children were born of the marriage union.

  • Mortimer

  • Eli

  • George

  • Venemon (deceased)

  • Angeline, wife Al Heston of Mechanicsville, Iowa

  • Mrs. Amos Long

  • Mrs. A. L. Iden

  • There are also living 21 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren and one great grandchild.

    In the long period of life of the deceased, he had seen many changes.  The country was divested of its forests, and the town long the home was built around him.  He was an active, energetic man, a good citizen, husband, father and friend.


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