Bertha Sadilla McGranahan Rodebaugh (1885-1963)

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RODEBAUGH, Bertha S.  1885-1963

Carroll County Ohio Cemeteries, Carroll County 1802-1990, Page 34
Carroll County Genealogical Society Book

Born May 19, 1885 -- Married December 9, 1908

Died August 3, 1963 -- Buried August 7, 1963

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Bertha Sadilla McGranahan Rodebaugh is the:

Wife of:
Thomas Harvey Rodebaugh

Henry J. McGranahan
Edgar R. McGranahan
Ina Geneva McGranahan Brown

Daughter of:
William McGranahan, Jr.
Diana F. Turnipseed McGranahan

Granddaughter of:
Johann Henrich "Henry" Turnipseed
Alcinda Rhodes Turnipseed

Niece of:
Duanna Turnipseed
Lucinda Turnipseed
Emily Susan Turnipseed Ashbrook
Jane Sophronia Turnipseed Stackhouse

Aunt of:
Wayland Marcellus "Buster" Brown
Paul Edgar Brown
Harley Loyal Brown

Grandaunt of:
Charlotte Brown
Paul Bennett Brown

Great-Grandaunt of:
Darla Diane Demeter Sumner
Lynn Marie Howard

1st Cousin Once Removed of:
Thomas Dewey Turnipseed
Rhoda Maude Turnipseed Leatherberry
Mary Dona Turnipseed Long
Park Whitacre

1st Cousin Twice Removed of:
Denton Thomas Turnipseed
Donald D. Long
Oscar Ray Leatherberry
Evelyn Faye Leatherberry Locke

1st Cousin 3 Times Removed:
Vicki Locke Bailey


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